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The Paso Robles City Library is a jewel in our community, providing access to excellent traditional library resources, such as books and reference materials, along with technology, arts, and music for all ages.

As a City Library, core funding is provided by the City of Paso Robles. However, the Library can only grow its collection and continue to offer enrichment programming with donations from the community to Library support organizations such as The Paso Robles Library Foundation.

Over the past few years, the Foundation has provided:

  • 100% of the Summer Reading Program funding
  • 100% of Book Club Kits
  • $25,000 Audio-visual materials for the Library collection

Currently, the Foundation is working to raise money for new furnishings for our 20-year-old facility.

100% of your donations go directly to the Library.

Futures begin at the Paso Robles City Library.

Please support it by giving to The Foundation today.